2 RUR Honours and Awards


The Distinguished Service Order
Lt-Col IC Harris,
Lt-Col J Drummond,

Member of the British Empire
W/Capt. (QM) CHD Henniker

The Military Cross
T/Major WD Tighe-Wood,
T/Capt. J Montgomery,
W/Lieut SM Lennox,
W/Lieut R Lyttle,
T/Capt CG Alexander,
A/Major AC Bird,
T/Major JCSG de Longueuil,
W/Lieut RD Purcell,
7007530 RSM Fleming S.,

The Distinguished Conduct Medal

7010920 Sjt Sharkey W.,
7020028 Cpl O'Reilly C.,

The Military Medal

6986230 Rfn Charles A.,
7014577 Rfn Long J.,
7011693 L/S McCann R.,
7012171 Rfn McGlennon H.,
7019401 Cpl Reid W.,
7010456 Sjt Cochrane S.,
14401161 Rfn Green W.,
7012057 Sjt Rainey R.,
7022463 Cpl Watkin A.,
6982606 Cpl Lambourne D.

Croix de Guerre with Gilt Star

T/Capt WH Baudains, MM

Croix de Guerre with Bronze Star

7012385 Cpl Ince J.

Mentioned in Despatches

T/Capt WH Baudains, MM
7016344 Cpl Stephenson C.,
7012385 L/S Ince J.,
7015575 Rfn McAuley T.
7021050 L/C Bunston EB.

Commander-in-Chief's Certificates

For Gallantry

T/Capt CR Wright, (RAMC)
W/Lieut HDD O'Neil.
W/Lieut KA Bradshaw.
7010931 CSM Kelly JT.
7011728 Sjt Drumgoole J.
7044696 Sjt Kilding MA.
7007560 Sjt Buchanan D.
7010067 Rfn Beattie R.
7017518 Sjt Cartwright F.
7019822 Cpl O'Sullivan M.

For Good Service

T/Capt WH Baudains, MM
7012152 Sjt Taylor D.
7043347 Cpl Brown H.
7011121 L/C Donovan J.

Commendation Cards

Major WD Tighe-Wood, MC
Capt CHD Henniker, MBE
Capt CR Wright, (RAMC)
Capt WH Baudains, MM
Lieut SM Lennox, MC
Lieut R Lyttle, MC
Major AC Bird, MC
Major JCSG de Longueuil, MC
Capt HM Gaffikin.
Lieut AS Hancock.
Lieut RD Purcell, MC
Lieut GA Songest
Lieut J McCrainor
7010931 CSM Kelly JT.
7011728 Sjt Drumgoole J.
7011121 L/C Donovan J.
7044696 Sjt Kilding M.
6986230 Rfn Charles A. MM
14706950 L/C Connolly C.
7010456 Sjt Cochrane S. MM
7007530 RSM Fleming S. MC
7012385 L/S Ince J.
6973732 Cpl Lawlor F.
7015575 Rfn McAuley T.
7012243 CSM McEnhill J.
7015748 Sjt Piddington G.
7012057 Sjt Rainey R. MM
6409584 L/C Rossiter I.
7016344 Cpl Stephenson C.
7010920 Sjt Sharkey W. DCM
7022463 Cpl Watkin A. MM
7019331 Rfn Wilkes W.
7043579 Cpl McMullan T.
7021050 L/C Bunston EB.

M.M. London Gazette
Corporal Douglas Albert Lambourne Royal Ulster Rifles
(London N. W. 6). The official recommendation states:
"This NCO was commanding a section in No 8 platoon during the attack on
Kattenturm on the night 24/25 April 1945.
His platoon experienced considerable difficulty fighting their way along the
Bund against enemy positions dug all the way along at intervals of only a few
He led his Section with determination and dash and successfully cleared two
houses under rifle and Panzerfaust fire. The platoon were then held up by
determined enemy of about platoon strength, well dug-in and defending an
88 mm gun. The enemy fired a considerable number of Panzerfausts and
together with well directed small arms fire, caused a number of casualties in the
platoon, including the platoon commander. Assisted by covering fire from the
remainder of the platoon Cpl. Lambourne led his section on to the enemy
position, driving some off and making the remained prisoners. The 88 mm gun
was captured intact, together with a number of LMG's & the remainder of the
Company was able to pass through to its next objective.
On consolidation the platoon commander had to leave on account of his
wounds, the platoon Sgt. already being away suffering from blast and shock.
Cpl. Lambourne took over command of the platoon, completed the
consolidation and by his efficiency and cheerfulness maintained the morale at
a high level."