Video Footage

We Fought on D-Day
Original Footage and Personal Accounts from veterans of the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Royal Ulster Rifles of days on and around D-Day 1944
Footage of 3rd Division Sword Beach Landings
Original Footage and some excerpts from "The Longest Day" about the landings on Sword Beach
D-Day Landings
Documentary with Original Footage and Personal Accounts from British, American and German veterans about the first few hours of the landings on Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno and Sword beaches.
 The Science of D-Day
BBD documentary detailing the innovations which helped to make D-Day a success.
 Normandy 1944 - The Battle Beyond D-Day
Historian James Holland moves beyond the D-Day beaches to reassess the brutal 77-day Battle for Normandy

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